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Dangerous Dog Breeds

  • Edward Berry
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In the good ole’ days, a dog owner was not responsible for his dog biting someone else if the owner was not aware of the dog ever biting someone previously.  This became known as the one-bite rule.  Every dog was entitled to one free bite.

Then the court said that some breeds are so notorious for biting, that they don’t get a free bite.  Which one’s don’t get a free bite? So far in Alabama, pit bulls and akitas.  But don’t feel safe because you don’t have one of these.  There is no definitive list.  The law just says the owner is imputed with knowledge of the “natural tendencies” of his dog.  Interestingly, dogs such as  chihuahuas, dachshunds, dalmatians, jack russell terriers and german shepherds are rated as more aggressive than pit bulls. I don’t think one can rely on the one-bite rule any longer.  I’m just saying.


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