Workers Comp Cases in Blount County, AL

In 1919, Alabama adopted its workers’ compensation system.  The new law greatly limited the recovery that injured workers could receive from on-the-job injuries, but relieved the worker from having to prove that the company was at fault in causing the worker’s accident.  The worker was entitled to four basic benefits under the law:

  1. medical treatment,
  2. cash money benefits,
  3. mileage reimbursements,
  4. vocational rehabilitation.

Over the ensuing 80 years since the adoption of the workers’ compensation act, the area of workers’ compensation has become a landfill of arcane and conflicting statutes and cases.  Very few Alabama lawyers remain who specialize in this area.  Mr. Berry has represented hundreds of injured workers in courts throughout Alabama and in the Alabama Supreme Court.  Mr. Berry is recognized as an authority on Alabama Workers’ Compensation Law.  Mr. Berry is often invited to teach workers compensation law to other lawyers in seminars across Alabama.  Mr. Berry is the author of the book, The FAQ’s of Alabama Workers’ Compensation.


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