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Playful Dogs

  • Edward Berry
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This is the first installment on a series that I am writing on dog liability.  I would like to bring clarity to some misnomers about the law and our dogs.

Dogs are American family.  Casey, Rex, Phido and Molly are so cute and playful.  They would never bite anyone.  Unfortunately, biting is not the only issue of concern.  Playfulness is also considered a “vicious propensity” under Alabama law & could land the dog’s owner in court.

If a dog owner is aware of his dog’s playful propensity and someone is later injured due to this nature, the dog owner will be responsible civilly.  For example, if you know your dog playfully jumps up on people and he injures someone doing it, you’re responsible.  If you know, your dog chases kids riding bikes by your house and a kid hurts himself trying to escape your chasing dog, you’re responsible.

Remember, biting is not the only issue, playfulness can expose you to liability as well.

Girl Holding Dog at the Park in Summer


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