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Frequently Asked Questions of Alabama Workers’ Compensation

  • Edward Berry
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Over the years, I have represented and advised hundreds of hard-working folks who were injured on the job. Most of these folks had very little knowledge of their rights as injured workers. Their lack of knowledge stemmed mostly from a lack of available information. There was no reliable source of information for the injured worker. Moreover, no one was interested in sharing information with these workers regarding their rights.  As a result of them not having good information, many of these workers endured unnecessary hardships. Understanding that “knowledge is power,” I set out to level the playing field by drafting a booklet that would give the injured worker information concerning their rights. Clearly, I could not draft a step-by-step manual for the injured worker; that would take thousands of pages. Besides, who would read it? Instead, I decided to draft a short booklet one that cut to the chase; one that provided the busyworker with quick answers; one that answered the most common questions that I hear daily. I pray that this little booklet will be of some help to you. Download a FREE copy.

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