Disability Cases in Blount County, AL

The Americans with Disabilities Act (aka ADA) was enacted by Congress in 1990.  The goal of the ADA is the elimination of disability discrimination in the workplace.  The ADA protects workers with disabilities.  It does so by requiring that employers provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified workers who have a disability and can perform the essential functions of their job with or without an accommodation.  A reasonable accommodation could be any change or modification in the job which would allow the worker to perform the job.  It could even mean a job transfer.  Many employers would rather fire a disabled worker and replace that worker with someone who can perform the job without help.  Mr. Berry is experienced in helping workers to devise strategies to force employers to maintain the workers’ job.  Mr. Berry is also experienced in bringing legal action against employers that break the law by discriminating against disabled workers.  Mr. Berry has also represented employers in defending against these types of actions brought by employees.

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