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Our Philosophy
“Whoever desires to become a leader among you shall be your servant.” Mark 10:43. Jesus Christ spoke these words. He made it clear that since he came to earth not to be served, but to serve, we should follow his example by being servants instead of being served.
Our Purpose
Our focus at Servant Law is to help individuals who have suffered an injury to restore what may have been lost, by helping them recover what is fair. We help our clients navigate through troublesome times and obtain resolutions to their personal injury problems in a manner that reflects the highest levels of legal representation, yet even more importantly reflects our intention to serve our clientele in a tangible way by protecting their integrity.

Our Process


The first step in our process is to examine the facts of our client's case. We listen carefully to the client to really hear the client's story. We use our experience to ask questions about the story that may appear to be inconsequential to the eye, but are important to the final outcome.


Secondly, we evaluate our client's matter by first understanding our client's goals regarding their problem. We counsel our clients regarding the viability of their goals. Based upon the agreed goal, we marshall the law, our resources and our experience to fashion a plan of action to meet the goal.

Execute & Enhance

We work in a systematic way to implement our strategy. As we are working our plan, we maintain contact with the client to keep them informed of our progress, to resolve emergencies that arise and to continually re-examine and re-evaluate our approach to solving the client's problem. We work quickly toward resolution, but not haphazardly, as we understand that cases normally resolve in the most favorable manner for our client's when they are "ripe." We enhance our client's lives by encouraging them throughout the process and engendering confidence that their future is being actively attended.

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