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Why is Your Ride Worth Less?

Your ride is worth less because of diminished value. When your car is damaged in an auto wreck and is repaired, your car gets a “record” of having been in an accident. This “record” negatively affects your car’s value. Your car is stigmatized by its record. The stigma is present even if your car was perfectly repaired. If you try to sell it or trade it, potential buyers will pay you less because of this stigma. Your vehicle is now worth less. This is diminished value. If you own a car that was wrecked due to another’s fault, you are entitled to diminished value.

You may ask, why haven’t I ever heard of diminished value? It is because the insurance industry makes hundreds of millions of dollars by not telling people like you about it. If you don’t know, you don’t make a timely claim. And if you don’t make a claim, the insurer keeps your money in its pocket.

Even if you make a claim, you’ll likely hear, “we don’t pay diminished value” claims or you’ll get an offer so low that you won’t think it is worth pursuing. At Servant Law, we hire qualified appraisers to support your claim and use our expertise to argue and negotiate your claim. If we don’t get a fair response, we can file your case in court to make the appraiser’s evaluation “stick.” Our ability to file and present your case in court, if necessary, helps you get the best deal. We don’t make a dime unless we win your case and you don’t pay a dime before we win or settle your case. You have nothing to lose and a check to gain.

If you were injured in your car accident Servant Law can also help you with your personal injury claim. Call for a free consultation 205-588-0555.

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